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Nitrogensports eSports Review

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Nitrogen Sports is one of the best Bitcoin eSports betting websites in the market. The website was launched in 2012, and the company is based in San Pedro, Costa Rica.

All of their customer service staff and servers are located in Costa Rica, but their corporate offices and marketing team are in Canada.

Their parent company is Ideal Media Inc, also based in Costa Rica.
Although it’s known who runs Ideal Media, there is no information about the executives of the betting website.

Also, information about Nitrogen Sports license cannot be found anywhere online, so we assume it’s not licensed casino. That being said, Nitrogen Sports is considered reputable and positively-reviewed online gambling site.

For more information, users can check the casino’s social accounts – Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Nitrogen Sports Reviews

There are some complaints online about the Nitrogen sports, and some users claim it’s a scam. Others say it’s legit. One thing that speaks in favor of the website is the following case:

In February 2015, a complaint was filed with Sportsbook Review about the ruling on an NHL prop. Nitrogen rules say that all NHL bets are placed for regulation time only and that they do not include overtime or penalty shootouts. The problem was – these rules were not listed on the front page, or the page where the player made a bet – they were listed on casino’s NHL rules page.

The player thought he won the wager, but the bet was instead signed as a loss. In response, Nitrogen Sports admitted that the page with the rules could be hard to find and may have caused confusion among the players.

Although they did not re-grade the gambler, the casino credited the player with $100 in bitcoins and had added a link to their betting rules on every page on the website. They handled the dispute within a couple of days and the resolution of the problem was spot-on.

Nitrogen Sports Betting Experience

Placing bets is made very simple and setting up parlays is easy as betting on two different matches automatically triggers the parlay feature. Minimum bet that can be placed is 0.001 BTC while the maximum is a stunning 15 BTC.

It is also important to say that Nitrogen Sports offers the best odds in the industry at the moment. However, the betting options provided are limited when compared to the other sites. Draws, over and under betting are available, but many other options such as handicaps and other popular betting options are unlisted.

The community surrounding the site is great, which is a big plus.

They are also on the list of the sites where users from the USA can play.

The number of eSports offered is great. They offer betting on the following games:

  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2
  • Street Fighter

The interface looks great and allows players to move smoothly across the website. The site is pleasant for beginners and experts as well. The website color choice is definitely debatable, but the players have many options, including choosing their betting format from decimal.

Registration at Nitrogen Sports does not require an email or any personal information and can be done in two simple clicks. Deposits require zero confirmations, so getting started is as fast as the Blockchain permits, while withdrawals are almost instant.

Self-exclusion is also integrated directly into the website so that players can ban themselves access to the particular areas of the site if they believe gambling has damaged their life in any way. The casino takes self-exclusion very seriously and warns players that opting out of a game is irreversible.

Betting Bonuses at Nitrogen Sports

Unlike other major betting sites, Nitrogen Sports doesn’t offer a deposit bonus. To many, this may seem like a big drawback, but they do offer reduced juice markets, which can be worth far more in the long run.

This casino offers reduced odds for almost all of their markets, including eSports.

Nitrogen Sports take pride in the unmatched prices in the bitcoin world. If you find a better price on another site, the casino will match their competitors and offer you a better price!

Security and Anonymity

The security at the Nitrogen Sports is great. Accounts can be secured with two-factor authentication, and the majority of the Bitcoins is stored in the cold storage. All bets and players are anonymous, and the betting website takes privacy very seriously.

First-time visitors are automatically assigned an account number which is stored in a cookie in the browser. If the user visits the site from his home machine, he’ll automatically be logged in under this account number.

They likewise offer a unique address for each account that can be used from other devices, including mobile devices that are connected to each player’s account.

The ability to log into the account, by simply putting in a customer address is something we haven’t seen from any other online betting website, and it’s really practical.

If the user is okay with this level of security, he won’t have to create a username and password. However, for extra security and convenience, players can create a username and password for their account.

This is probably advisable for those who are holding larger amounts on their accounts.

Customer Support at Nitrogen Sports

Unfortunately, Nitrogen Sports does not have live online chat support. For problems or complaints, ticketing system has to be used. The staff is well trained and knowledgeable, and the speed of response is excellent – 30 minutes or less. It’s also possible to get some help from the community chat or by sending a message to casino’s social media accounts.


Nitrogen Sports has an excellent community of players, and for a good reason. They are one of the best eSports betting platforms in the world. They also have excellent guides for beginners, which is a big plus.


  • Allows anonymous playing
  • High bet limits
  • Option for self-exclusion


  • No live chat support and telephone number listed
  • Some users may find the system too complicated

One of the best in the market. What are your experiences with the Nitrogen Sports? Share them in the comments.

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