Review Dummy

The review should be about 1000 words.

  • about 200 words about the company, where is it located (
    Company Location, Street Address, Telephone Number / E-Mail Address), when was it founded, by whom (Links to founders on Linkedin),  where is it licensed? Is it a esports only site or is esports just a part of their offerings?
  • Please provide links to social media accounts
  • are there negative reviews about them online (scam warnings)?
  • Are there user reports on the web about the company? What do they say in general? Please provide links to these reports
  • has the site been hacked in the past or have user funds been lost?

e-Sports betting experience:

  • Please explain the esports betting platform of the site as detailed as possible and compare its features and usability to other esports betting sites you review. Please place a link to the review of the other site in that case.
  • The review should only fous on e-Sports.
  • Which games are supported by the platform? (please provide a full list. If the provider offers more games than the ones which are on the site already, please add another page for that game.)
  • Usability and visual appearance – please review the site in this regard and write your opinion.
  • Which other payout / deposit methods are supported?

Betting Bonuses

  • Do the offer bonuses? Please list them all. (## please also list all bonusses on the /coupons page ##)

Security & Anonymity

  • Anonymity? What personal information do they require for registering?
  • Security: Do they offer 2 factor authentication? https? Do they offer encrypted emails?

Customer Support

  • Which support types are offered? How fast are they?

Review Conclusion

  • Please finish the review with a list of pro´s and con´s and after that, as the user about his experiences and ask him to engage in commenting.